Explore the World of Mexus

Team Mexus is a dynamic mix of intellectual professionals, managerial team, enterprising investors and an experienced advisory board. Deriving its futuristic outlook from its dynamic mix, Mexus is poised to accomplish its mission and realise its vision. Proud of its team’s competence, Mexus perennially nurtures an atmosphere where people’s imagination takes true shape which ultimately translates into value-addition to its endeavours. Such a futuristic outlook has been instrumental in driving and directing Mexus towards being the best.

Digital Classrooms

A platform to organize, categorize and host repository of learning resources. Prepare for a class in advance with lesson plans over 15,000 learning resources for all subjects & grades of K-12 repository of over 30,000 questions for quick class tests categorize & file as per the curriculum, grade and subject.

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Design & Technology Lab

Mexus has created a novel program in design, technology, science and innovation to foster critical thinking and problem solving abilities in students. A 'direct' encounter with the phenomena being studied rather than theoretical explanation of the concept. The program stresses on experiential learning which helps students to establish connections and build on what they know or have learned in an engaging educational environment.

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iKen Pre School

We believe in learning through activities, especially when they are built on a child’s interest and by focusing on topics that are relevant in their day-to-day life. The learning process helps children relate to real life experiences and build on what they know. Learning makes more sense to children as they transfer the knowledge they gain and apply it in a meaningful way. The theme based approach caters to diverse learning styles of children and their learning modalities.