Mexus Education Product Range

Tools that make learning experiential & effective

The foundation of Mexus Education is a belief that learning is most effective when it is personalized, entertaining, voluntary and involves active participation by the students. The company believes that education should not be restricted to classroom learning and has to offer more to learn other than prescribed school text books. It is this thought that has inspired Mexus Education to design innovative learning solutions and tools that will enhance and revamp the learning experience among the learning community.

These tools engage students in a fascinating process of exploration, experience and extrapolation. This re-invented experience of learning is accomplished with specially designed products which facilitate active participation by the students. The various innovative content forms used are films, graphic novels, games and hands-on kits that are a fusion of entertainment and education.

iKen Zing
iKen Zing; Interactive touch-read books, bringing stories to life.
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iKen Joy
Test your scientific aptitude with hands-on games and toys
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iKen Book
India’s first edutainment Comic books, Have Fun while you Learn!
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iKen Library
India’s first and largest digital learning resource.
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iKen Learn
Enable children to experience science in an exciting and fun way
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iKen Math
Fun -filled workbooks to master basic of maths
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iKen Pro
Sharpening skills to build professionals of tomorrow.
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