About Us

The World of Mexus

Bringing innovation and technology to education and learning tools

Mexus Education is the vision of a group of young professionals who are determined to change the education system in India. Combining engaging educational content with technology, Mexus creates futuristic educational models for children of different age groups that are fun and make learning experiential.

As an education innovations company, Mexus Education derives its futuristic outlook from its dynamic mix of intellectual professionals, managerial team, enterprising investors and an experienced advisory board. The key endeavour of Mexus Education is towards creating futuristic technology-based models for education.

In an era marked by rapid change in technology and its utility, Mexus has identified technology’s potential in aiding education. Mexus Education has been promoting learning through technology-based platforms like multimedia DVDs, motion films and interactive online tools which are the first-of-its-kind in India.

Mexus Education’s innovative learning models benefit both the students and teachers as well. In fact, Mexus is already in the process of formulating state-of-the-art teacher training and diploma programs to help teachers adopt technology in the knowledge-sharing process. This technology-based process facilitates better communication between teachers and parents and allows many-to-many interactions for students to benefit from peer and expert interactions.

As an organisation Mexus Education nurtures an atmosphere where creativity is at its utmost and is reflected in its every endeavour. Moreover, Mexus has a sound resource pool of content, technology and marketing platforms; the best in their fields, which enables it to meet the toughest of challenges and foster further growth.

To create a learning system that is accessible to a student from any place, at any time and from any source.
This system will offer the student flexibility to choose subjects of his need, interest and preference, from the schools he desires to learn them from. To create a learning environment that focuses on the individual and customizes the teaching system as per the student’s need and speed.
We want to use technology to create tools of learning and sharing knowledge that include all personalised social media platforms like mobile phones, internet, IP TV and gaming consoles. To create a curriculum that is fluid, situational and emphasises on skill-based learning.

  • To provide students with tools of learning that help them understand and enjoy their lessons better
  • To transform education into a fun-filled, innovative and student-friendly activity
  • To bring together education and entertainment to make it interactive and interesting.
  • To deliver high-quality educational content which is available anytime and anywhere
  • To be the world’s leading education innovations enterprise and pioneer many more innovations year after year.

Our beginnings were based on the axiom

“Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand” – Confucius

This belief has inspired us to create a student friendly form of learning that overcomes the aversion students have towards learning, owing to its formal structure. We strive to equip every educator with means to satisfy the curiosity of every child in the pursuit of knowledge. We endeavour to bring about a fusion of entertainment with education, also known as edutainment, at the center of all learning processes.

We are committed to generating a new wave in the domain of education by providing end-to-end solutions for content, methodology, delivery technology and assessment. These learning tools facilitate collaborative learning and self-analysis as students not just learn their lessons but begin to analyse the why and how of things.

The aspect which sets our creations apart  is that, it not only makes one learn with a whole lot of involvement but also makes a student think about what is being learnt.